Row of lovely tudor houses with gardensRow of lovely tudor houses with gardens


See video promoting East English Village as first neighborhood in "Neighbors Wanted" Detroit auction


Mid-summer greetings!

Introducing our new police captain, candidates

Our June meeting was an information-packed one with great attendance. We had the pleasure of thanking Commander Mark Bliss for his time, energy and service to the Fifth Precinct – Captain Bliss was promoted to Commander in late May. We truly are very lucky to have such great leaders at the 5th Precinct. We also introduced our newest captain - Captain Melissa Gardner – she is on board and ready to help in any way.

woman demonstrates garden composting to a group
Our garden club on a June trip to learn about composting

We continue to hear from various candidates for the upcoming primaries and for the November election – please join us at the July general meeting to hear final candidates before the August primary voting date.

It’s a pleasure to report that even with summer upon us – residents are well underway redoing driveways, replacing garages and porches and painting along with landscaping and planting flowers in time for the upcoming Landscape Contest July 22-29. We would like also like to thank the caring residents that have helped each other with cutting grass at Emma House properties this past month. Please remember our association has lawn equipment...                Read more-> 

About East
English Village


With many amenities - quick access to downtown Detroit and neighboring cities, good shopping choices, public/private schools and an active, engaged community - the neighborhood is an excellent choice for families and individual homeowners. The neighborhood association hosts activities including contests, home tours, garden club, annual garage sale and a holiday party. Established residents and new neighbors meet monthly to discuss issues, successes and general neighborhood information. The mutual support of neighbors and feeling of community is the heart of our neighborhood.


East English Village prides itself on the diversity of our community. We are one of the most racially mixed neighborhoods in the City of Detroit. Civil servants, blue collar workers, retirees and professionals from different ethnic groups, religions and sexual orientations have all found a welcome place here.

Unique architecture

First developed in 1913, most of the distinctive brick homes of East English Village were built in the early 1930s through 1950. The solid architecture and high quality materials used in the homes continues to attract residents who value the charm and character of older homes.

basket of home-grown tomatoes next to flower

See EEV in action:

'Where Neighbors
Get together'

Left: Tomatoes from EEV garden.

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Where we are:

Southeast side, Detroit, MI

Map of the neighborhood


EEV in action

P.O. Box 241009   dot    Hotline: 313-216-1729   dot


Coming soon:

EEV neighborhood meeting
August 9, 2017

7 pm
At St. Clare of Montefalco, 1401 Whittier
On the south side of Mack Ave. (in Grosse Pointe Park)
It's a potluck, so bring a dish if you can. Come for food at 7. Meeting starts at 7:30.

Garden Club visits the beautiful gardens of Sierra Station owner Jeff Lee
July 23, 2017

3:30 pm
At 15110 Mack Ave.
Tour includes Lee's home & the restaurant patio, with dinner optional. Enjoy gorgeous flowers and get tips on growing them. RSVP at, or call David Teeter at 313-640-7627.

More events

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Neighbors at street event with little kids

woman on front steeps with puppies


Band siingers at street fair